76+ Places to Submit Your Free KDP Select Promotion for Your Kindle eBook

Places to submit your free KDP select promotion

If you are looking for places to submit your free KDP select promotion for your Kindle eBook, you are in the right place!  I also share my 11 step checklist with you! The Power of the KDP Select Program One powerful way to launch a new book is by using Amazon’s KDP Select program.  This […]

{Giveaway} Social Media Marketing Graphics Pack


Do you use social media to market your books? If not, chances are that you are missing out on some major visibility and networking opportunities. Social media platforms can be great places to connect with readers, network with other authors, and promote your book. In honor of the power of social media, we are hosting […]

4 Steps to Creating an Eye-Catching Book Cover

Book Cover

There is a lot of work that goes into writing and publishing a book, and the reality is that every step is important. From writing and editing to formatting and book cover design, and beyond, cutting corners is never a good idea. In this post, we share how to grab your readers’ attention with an eye-catching […]

12 Must-Follow Blogs For Authors


 One key factor to our success as authors is what we have learned from others along the way. So today, we want to share 12 of our favorite blogs for authors. We encourage you to check them out as well as share which blogs are your favorite blogs are in the comments.   #1. The […]

Take Back Your Dreams


Writing, publishing, and marketing books takes a lot of work. It doesn’t matter how much we love doing what we do as authors, there will always be work involved if we want to be successful. So how can we keep our dream job from turning into a regular daily grind? That’s the question I asked […]

Book Marketing with Videos – An Interview with Katie Davis

Katie Davis

I’m honored to be able to interview Video Marketing Maven, Katie Davis on our blog today. For those of you who don’t know Katie, her books, published by Harcourt, S&S, and HarperCollins, have sold over a quarter of a million copies. Which is why she then published How to Promote Your Children’s Book: Tips, Tricks, and […]

Is Video Marketing the New Way to Go on Tour?


More and more I’m hearing of authors who try their hand at live events saying that they feel like they have wasted their time. They spent 5 hours sitting behind a table and only sold one book. They spent their time at the library or book store and read their book to a group of […]