76+ Places to Submit Your Free KDP Select Promotion for Your Kindle eBook

Places to submit your free KDP select promotion

If you are looking for places to submit your free KDP select promotion for your Kindle eBook, you are in the right place!  I also share my 11 step checklist with you! The Power of the KDP Select Program One powerful way to launch a new book is by using Amazon’s KDP Select program.  This […]

60+ Thanksgiving Hashtags


Hashtags are a great way to increase the visibility of your Tweets. They can also be used on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media sites as well. With that in mind, we want to share 60+ hashtags you can use in your marketing this Thanksgiving. (You can learn more about hashtags here.) 15 Thanksgiving […]

How to Grow Your Twitter Followers (and our Manage Flitter Review)

How to Grow Twitter Followers

Do you want to learn how to grow your Twitter followers with people in your target audience who are active and likely to follow you back? In this video I will show you how to do this manually as well as share our Manage Flitter review. We have started using this tool to find twitter followers […]

How to Schedule Facebook Posts on Your Author Page for Maximum Exposure

Scheduling Posts on Facebook

As authors, social media can take up quite a bit of our time that might be better spent doing other marketing or writing activities. One way I have found to combat the time I spend on social media is by taking one day a week to pre-schedule some of my facebook posts. In this tutorial, […]

The Power of a Book Marketing Plan (and how to calculate increased book sales)

book marketing plan

Did you know there is power in a book marketing plan?  I found this to be true in a huge way…more on that later.  However, increasing book sales is something every author is happy to see. The problem is many authors don’t know how to calculate their sales increase percentage. Unfortunately, I was one of […]

4 Common Mistakes Authors Make When Soliciting Reviews

Common Mistakes Authors Make

Getting reviews for your book seems to be a hot-topic for authors. Every author wants to see glowing reviews for their books, but that doesn’t make them easy to get. If you have tried to get reviews for your book and failed, check to see if you are making one of these 4 common mistakes authors make […]

Do You Need a Distributor for Your Books?


Writing a book takes a lot of work, so making sure it’s available for readers to buy is pretty important. So how do you make your book available? Do you need to hire a distribution company? That’s the question that Polly asked us before our last Q&A session. You can watch the video clip where we […]

The Power of NAMS… Networking

NAMS 12 selfie

Many of you know my story and that I first started an online business a decade ago.  Over the years, it transitioned to working more online until I was able to resign my job as a Physical Therapist 3 years ago.  Since that time I have been self-employed working full-time as an author, speaker, and […]

Why Should You Go On A Blog Tour? An Interview with A. Terry

A. Terry

The number of ways available to authors to market their books is endless. However, we believe some marketing activities yield greater results than others. One of those activities is going on a blog tour. Hi Alana, we are really excited about your new book, “How to Promote a Book with a Blog Tour,” so let’s […]

{Giveaway} Social Media Marketing Graphics Pack


Do you use social media to market your books? If not, chances are that you are missing out on some major visibility and networking opportunities. Social media platforms can be great places to connect with readers, network with other authors, and promote your book. In honor of the power of social media, we are hosting […]