Self-Publishing Books

Once you have written your book, the next step is to publish it.  In the tutorials below, we share how to publish your book in multiple formats including print books, eBooks, AudioBooks and more.  Self-publishing books has never been easier.


Print Books

Self-Publishing Print Books – Learn how to self-publish your writing as a print book.  We share several different options you can choose from depending on what is most important to you.



Self-Publishing eBooks – eBook sales continue to grow.  Therefore, we highly recommend also publishing your book in eBook formats.  We share how to do this for multiple eBook platforms.



Self-Publishing AudioBooks – Some of your readers will prefer to listen to AudioBooks.  There is now an easy to use self-publishing platform you can use to publish an AudioBook version of your book.  We share how to do this in our book.


Other Information

How to Translate Your Book into Other Languages – You may be interested in translating your book into different languages.  We have done this successfully and share the steps we used to do so.

Co-author a Book – Here are the 7 steps I recommend you take when self-publishing a book with another author.  I encourage you to carefully consider each step before taking the leap.

The Benefits of Publishing a Book Series – The benefits of publishing a book series are enormous, and there are eBooks, articles, etc. written about this, but I wanted to highlight a few of them here. However, you need to know that I am an avid reader. So instead of just listing out benefits and why they should appeal to you, I wanted to cover this topic from a readers point of view. After all, an author’s target audience consists of readers 100% of the time.  In this post, you’ll find 4 benefits to publishing books in a series.

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More Resources

Writing – Writing your book is the first step to becoming a published author.   Learn more about the craft of writing through our blog posts and resources we recommend here.

Book Marketing – learn how to market your books successfully.

Tools We Use & Resources We Recommend – See all the tools we use and resources we recommend in writing, publishing and marketing your books here.